Top 10 places to visit in Dubai.

Before I travelled to Dubai, I did a fair amount of research looking for the best guides to Dubai I could find. I turned to Pinterest, to Instagram, various articles to find the best places to go, where to eat, drink and how to navigate the local culture while I was there. Trust me, it’s much more then just Gold, desert, and dates.

To save you having to do incredible amounts of research, I’ve rounded up the best posts to create this travel blogger’s guide to Dubai.
it’s time to share a few highlights from my time in the UAE.

Burj Khalifa : Just like Paris has Eiffel tower, Dubai has Burj khalifa. It’s the world’s tallest building(2,722 ft)! It’s one of the top places to visit in Dubai, and for very good reason – the view is INCREDIBLE!

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque : One of the most beautifully carved mosque I have visited so far. The architecture, sparkling white stone, domes are simply stunning. It’s free to get in. No entry fee. that was actually my outfit to keep me cover from head to toe. No part of the skin should be visible. Cover from head to toe. They do provide burkhas (available to borrow free of charge at the entrance). Make it a point to explore the inner courtyards and washrooms.

Desert Safari : I really don’t know what made that 🐫 sniff my hair 🙂 His owner definitely had no clue about it.
Desert Safari one of the most talked about place to be covered when in Dubai. They will take you in Jeep’s (designed specially for Safari) in the middle of the desert. Camel ride was one the activity complementary in our package. Visit during evenings. The temperature gets better after sunset.

Farrari world:
Are you a car freak?? Yes! It has the world No1 rollercoaster ride. One of the famous theme parks in Dubai. This place is full of cars. Not only childrens but it’s a fun place for adults too. I still don’t know why there is a Chinese dragon in farrari world. Non the less, it’s worth.

Atlantis : Atlantis The Palm, Dubai is a luxury hotel resort located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah in the United Arab Emirates.It has super suites (Regal, Terrace, Executive). The 1,539 room nautically themed resort has two accommodation wings, consisting of the East and the West Tower, linked together by the Royal Bridge Suite. Though it is expensive but it’s worth every single penny.

Jumeriah beach : Honestly at first, I had no clue about this beach. Just 2 days before the take off, I scrolled through some of the travel articles and most of them covered this beach. At first I thought “it’s just a beach,let’s just skip it!”. But there is something about this place. I feel it’s more like a heritage and less of a beach. Who would missout on visiting the plam island. We schedule this spot on day 3. This was actually my first encounter with such a crystle clear water. They have lot of water sports activity.

Global village : The amazing part this village is, it covers all the parts of the globe. Different cultures are brought together in one place. It’s worth shopping.

Mall of the Emirates : Mall of the Emirates is one of the city’s most famous malls. Shop till you drop. The shopping opportunities are boundless, as are the eating options, offering every conceivable world cuisine. You will find endless brands. It covers the most.

Dubai Aquarium : Dubai Aquarium houses 140 species of sea life in the huge tank on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall. As well as free viewing from the mall, if you enter the Underwater Zoo, you can walk through the aquarium tunnels. Glass bottom boat tours (on top of the tank) are particularly popular. Cage snorkeling and shark diving activities are also on offer.

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