Traveling for pleasure or to compete??

The approach towards traveling has changed a lot in the last two decades. Nowadays planning a trip is more convenient and easy. Decide your budget, set a place according,book tickets, and hop on. The internet, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos are constantly opening up avenues for people to discover new places, find right ways to get there, follow another’s person’s journey. So what could possibly go wrong for stepping out for an adventure??

Overtourism. Now we have reached a stage where the whole world is suffering from overtourism. In the recent years of my travel, I don’t remember a single tourist spot which had no queue in waiting. The flip side is that people are becoming Irresponsible towards environment.
Global warming is increasing incredibly. Environment is detoriating drastically. Killing the environment, unsettling ecological balance. Ladakh: An earthly paradise isolated from the world, has started brewing problems. Leh, it’s largest city have started to face prolonged water crisis. Dry taps, tube Wells is casting huge shadows on its present and future. Localiates staying are affected. Let’s not forget the current traffic jam on Mt. Everest resulting in a rising body count. Traffic jams on roadway is easy to digest than on Mt Everest. I feel people aren’t traveling to set there self free. People are traveling to compete with others on social Media. Checking in locations, uploading wannabe pictures on feed, snaps, capturing their perfect shot on a cliff edge, announcing the world that I have arrived. How would you feel, if you arrive an exotic destination and don’t get to post about it? Suffocated! These days, it’s become more about likes and less about memories. Travelers journey, best private moments have turned into public feeds.

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