What does your cup of coffee says?

Coffee : One word but lot of emotions.

I feel coffee is one of the essential beverages for all the age groups. Here’s why?

Yaad hai who din jab agli subhe exam hoti thi aur der raat tak padhie karni hoti thi. Who kept you awake? “Mummy, 1 cup coffee please’’. And I am pretty sure that one cup kept on refilling again and again.

During teenage, coffee made it very easy to ask someone out for a date. “Excuse me, can I ask you out on a coffee date’’

Imagine, working all day and not getting those 2 minutes coffee breaks.

We all have our routines to get our coffee fix, whether it be a homebrew or take away from café shops or the coffee wala near our office. Believe it or not, at some point of the day we wait patiently for our daily dose of coffee. Some of us start our day with coffee while some of us cannot go to bed without drinking caffeine.

While I was still struggling to settle for my favourite brand of coffee, I came across this wonderful brand called “SLAY’’. As the name suggest SLAY, it really slays. Not only its has different type of flavours, the pure taste that what excites you, but the packing defiantly gives you the WOW factor. The art work done outside the package is so trendy and cool. Also the thermal packing keeps the coffee at the desirable temperature. The quality of the cups in which the coffee is delivered is so thick. NO LEAKAGE at all. I mean who offers you such wonderful service at an affordable price at your door steps.

One of my personal favourite brands.

Rating : 5/5 Stars. All the coffee lovers,its time to check out this new promising place. Please go and try out SLAY Coffee. Definitely worth tasting.

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