6 strategies to outsmart the Instagram algorithm:

The common question which is found in my instagram DM is how to get more followers, likes, comments  in a short span of time. Is there a magic trick to it? The answer is “NO”. Keeping Consistency and hardwork aside, there are few strategies and tactics, if followed correctly will definitely shoot up your Instagram account.

In January 2019, Instagram acknowledged the growing public concern over their algorithm and broke their silence in a series of tweets. Specifically, Instagram stated that what shows up first in your feed is primarily based on your own activity. And that’s where we stand today.

Confused? Somewhere in-between? Come up with a content strategy that gives the Instagram algorithm exactly what it wants.

1.   Keep publishing consistent Stories

Stories do not have any sort of influence on the Instagram algorithm. So why bother posting ’em? Well, consider first of all that they’re easily the most popular type of content on the platform. Stories will consistently keep your profile popping up. This spells good news for engagement as your followers are constantly being encouraged to check out your content. Make them open their Instagram account not only to see your post but also your stories everyday.

  • Add hashtag  stickers with your branded hashtag. 
  • Share Stories from other users. 
  • Use different layout in every story.
  • Inspire engagement with interactive stickers. 

But did you know you can also share your own Instagram posts to your Stories?

Simply tap the direct message button on one of your own posts and you’ll see the option to “Add Post to Story”, where you can resize it and apply text and other edits. This is a great way to ensure your most important posts (like a new product announcement) has a better chance of reaching your followers.

2.   Post during peak hours:

Anytime is good for your post?? Nope. Perhaps the most straightforward way to win with the Instagram algorithm is to post during peak hours. You can track your progress with these strategies by checking your Instagram Insights for telling metrics.

While most people focus on follower count, profile views, reach, and website visits will tell you more about what your Instagram marketing is doing for your business, especially from the engagement strategies we covered above.

3.    Respond to comments while they’re fresh

This creates social proof for your content, increasing your comment count while also encouraging further replies. But it also boosts your chances of earning more engagement while your post’s potential reach is at its peak.

Responding to a comment can also encourage follow-up comments from the original poster, even if it’s just a “thank you” for answering a question. In some cases, though, this can jumpstart a conversation, giving you significant engagement that will help the reach of this post and future posts, too.


4.  Don’t just post, build relationships

If you want to get the most out of Instagram, it’s not enough to fixate only on publishing content regularly. Instead, it’s essential that you also focus on overall relationship building while engaging with users outside of your posts and on them.

Social media algorithms will always be prone to change. But if you’re willing to change with them, you’ll find surprising new ways to reach your intended audience.

5.    Go live frequently:

The beauty of live video is that you’re expecting to produce something simple and off-the-cuff. Your audience will have a This means there’s less pressure once again for professional, polished content. Just like brands should experiment with traditional video, live video is also something to explore.

6. Become Trendy :

#DollyPartonChallenge. #upsidedowneveryday #strangerselfie #MondayFunDay. what are these??? A quick way to become famous and attract more followers by coming up with such trendy post. Engagement is a key to attract more attention and to reach out maximum number of audience through a single post. Have a look on what’s trending, see what is and boom, add that in your account.  Search Hashtag trending and you will find lots.

So what are you waiting for????

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